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Mary Rose

A Scrolling Story by Natasha Nunn

Scroll down, slowly.

There is a sweetness on my tongue. A sweetness and a feeling of relief. This is soft, a longed for afternoon nap with nothing to push you out of bed. No sense of need, no need.

But something is calling. Muffled, like a voice through dark lake water. I want to drift away, but instead I break through the surface to a cold grey sky laced with branches.

And suddenly, I am once again obsessed with what's happening on your side, just like you are. Most of the others here are the same way, peering into living rooms, hiding behind bushes to watch their lovers, their parents, their children.

Explore the dots.

I'm not sure what help I can be, but maybe you are right
maybe they do need me to remind them with
gentle pushes
that bonds can break
that love is staying.

- End -

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Tell me.

Am I still needed?

Or is it time to go?